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Special Needs Planning in Ontario & Palm springs, California

The Law Offices of Forrest F. Wolfe is very knowledgeable with regards to special needs planning. If you aren't already familiar with Special Needs Planning – it is designed for families who are concerned about the future care and financial well-being of their loved one who is subject to a disability.

We will guide you through the strategies to secure the personal and financial resources necessary to protect your loved one.

One of the most important aspects of Special Needs Planning is the Third Party Special Needs Trust which the Law Offices of Forrest F. Wolfe can help you create to ensure that the beneficiary will receive financial security and future care giving. The Special Needs Trust can help avoid the loss of SSI and Medi-Cal benefits.

A Special Needs Trust is often created by parents of a child with special needs, in conjunction with or separately from their own Wills and Living Trusts. However, it may also be created by a sibling or grandparent of a person with special needs.

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